Felix Schaefer Marktforschung
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Concept Research - to check and assess ideas for products and alternative concepts

Consumer needs are constantly changing. Your competitors' activities are as wide-ranging as they are unexpected. this calls for creative marketing and innovative research and development.

With an understanding of the market-relevant relationships between the consumer and your product or service, you can achieve clarity about your consumers’ relevant need gaps – their unfulfilled wishes and needs. Bringing to light the market segments for which it is worth developing new ideas.

There are several standardized research instruments available to minimize the risk of you decisions:

Idea Screenings to swiftly assess and select ideas.

  • This research instrument leads to a clear distinction between sensible and nonsensical ideas for products.

Concept Tests to check the viability of new product ideas and communication concepts.

  •   This appraoch provides clarity about the value of your product ideas and the prospects for the success
       of alternative concepts.

Portfolio Tests to optimise product ranges with a view to satisfying the needs of the maximum number of consumers.

  • The test gives you clarity about the attractiveness of all the individual varieties: a simulation providing a basis for clear recommendations about the ideal portfolio.

Name tests - to establish the effect of a product’s name.

  • This test gives you certainty about the “clarity” of a name